We are a group of people who love Canadian agriculture and want to help the industry tell its amazing stories, accurately and colourfully.

Founded by Cole Christensen and Delaney Seiferling, our leadership team has worked in the industry collectively for more than two decades. We share the same goals as farms, governments and agriculture businesses and organizations across the country – building a sustainable and successful future for this industry.

Our mission

To arm the Canadian agriculture industry with accurate, high-quality, and impactful images to tell our story to the world.

Why we are different

How many times have you seen the same tired agriculture photos used over and over in news and marketing material meant to represent our industry? How many times have you come across stock imagery labelled as the wrong crop, region, growth stage, etc. How many photos of older male farmers have you seen wearing overalls and chewing on a piece of straw?

Throughout our careers in agriculture communications, we found this happens all the time. We needed a better solution. And so, we founded one.

Our driving principles

  • We have high standards for creative integrity

    Every item in our library has been carefully sourced and vetted to ensure it meets our high standards.

  • We have high standards for accuracy

    We want to tell the story of real farms and ranches today. Not only do we work with photographers with agricultural knowledge, but we also employ experts in farming and agronomy to help us ensure our imagery portrays accurate and responsible depictions of our industry.

  • We support local

    We work with a small, talented group of local photographers and videographers and we value the work they do. Our commission rates are higher than the industry average and we aim to build strong relationships over everything else, with vendors, clients, and partners.

  • We support simple and mutually beneficial transactions

    We simply want to arm our industry with the tools they need to build strong and effective communications and marketing tools. We aren’t about hidden fees or complicated pay structures and plan. If you choose to buy our product, you decide what you want, when you want it, and pay flat fees that reflect the market value of what we offer.